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The Bling Candle Co.

Soy Candles with a Stunning Ring Hidden Inside

We're not sure what it is, but things that come out of California just seem infinitely cooler than things that come out of pretty much anywhere else in the world. Take the Bling Candle Co. by SOi Company for instance. This collection includes an array of richly scented candles to enhance your day. Plus, every candle has a stunning ring hidden inside, valued at up to $500!

Hand-poured using 100% all-natural food grade kosher soy oil for a cleaner burn, each candle burns for around 60 hours and has a uniquely divine scent, such as coconut mango, cranberry cider and pumpkin scone (yum!) Use them for aromatherapy, mood elevation, relaxation, or simply to enhance any space you choose.

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