Welcome to the Balmain SALE

It’s been a hotly debated topic - which fashion-house is the pinnacle of high-fashion? Is it Gucci? Louis Vuitton? Bonds? Okay, maybe not Bonds, as much we love our Aussie-born brand. Although it’s safe to say we won’t ever come to a conclusion, we believe Balmain is a serious contender. And that’s why we’ve stocked an eclectic range of Women’s Balmain for sale at Catch, from luxurious Balmain dresses to irresistible arm-candy. We understand that for most, rocking Balmain head to toe everyday and picking up something from the collection every week just isn’t realistic - but sometimes we have to treat ourselves, right ladies? At the Catch Balmain sale, you can feel like a million bucks without breaking the bank! We’ve got all the pieces guaranteed to enhance your natural beauty and add an extra wow factor to that outfit of yours. So browse the range, and prepare yourself for an avalanche of compliments from friends, family and passers-by.

Why Pay Full Price on Balmain?

One of the reasons why we love Balmain is, it’s versatility. Yes, Balmian is a luxury fashion house, but special occasions and formal events aren’t the only times you can rock a little French-designer. Check out our Women’s Balmain T shirt range for example - elegant yet comfortable. High quality yet lightweight and practical. If you’re looking to take on a more refined and sophisticated look, then there’s no going past the Women’s Balmain Silk Blazer. The gold lining on the collar adds a glamorous hit to this all black silk beauty, in the most subtle of ways. If you’re truly looking to take the world by a storm, the Black/Gold Metallic Fibers Dress is your ticket. Powerful, dominant and fashion forward are 3 words that you’ll embody when donning this stunner of a dress! You can always choose to keep it a little brighter with the summer-colour gradient Silk Tube Dress. There are too many enchanting Balmian pieces to pick and choose from, we’re even thinking about adding some to our carts. But before we do, beat us to it! Oh, and to all the Gents out there...don’t think we forgot about you. Perfecting the super clean look has never been easier with the Balmain Men’s Cotton Shirt. Check it out now and enjoy the savings here at Catch - where you’ll find luxury clothing at discounted prices!

Bespoke Brilliance - Balmain

A talented French Fashionista - Pierre Balmain, founded his namesake brand over half a century ago in 1945. What started out as a couture house as well as a range of fragrances, gradually expanded as it allured style-seekers from around the globe. The simple elegance of Balmain clothing in tandem with impeccable construction and uncompromised quality was ultimately what made the designer label stand out from the crowd. After Pierre Balmain’s passing in 1982, Erik Mortensen AKA “Pierre’s right hand” carried the brand on his shoulders and propelled it to new heights. Balmain’s ubiquitous presence in the fashion world has been exemplified time and time again by celebs such as Naomi Watts, Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner and Beyonce all donning Balmain with pride. And now, you have a golden opportunity to acquire some French luxury for yourself! Treat yourself without spending a fortune, right here at the Catch Balmain SALE. Shop from the comfort of your own home, and have your brand new standout piece delivered straight to your door!