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Browse the Crumpler bags right here at the online Crumpler outlet and you’ll see why we’re so passionate about these bags. Let’s just think about how often we use bags for a moment. Off to school? Your books, pencil case, lunch and other goodies aren’t going to fit in your pocket. Off to work? Having everything you need stored together is going to make things so much easier and less stressful. Heading out on the weekend? Something compact to carry your belongings is always convenient. You get the point... bags are part of everyday life.

For all the boys and girls hitting the books, Crumpler Australia will only help you in becoming a smarter cookie. Check out the Mantra 15” Laptop Backpack, for example, perfect for school and university. The padded pocket on the back not only protects your precious laptop, but ensures optimal comfort! For the ultimate office bag, look no further than the Logican Work bag. Co-workers will know you mean business when you walk in with this bad boy. Featuring a black marle colour and 14 storage zones, this bag by Crumpler Australia is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Leaders in top quality luggage and travel accessories, Crumpler is a Melbourne brand dedicated to designing practical gear for the savvy traveller. Here at Catch, we understand the importance of sturdy, functional travel bags, but we also understand how expensive they can be. Our solution? We’ve slashed prices on a great range of Melbourne-made Crumpler bags just for you! Bag a bargain at the online Crumpler outlet now!

Stuart Crumpler designed the very first Crumpler bag back in the early 90s when he couldn’t find a bag that would let him ride his bike home with a slab of beer in tow. A pretty poor gap in the market, if you ask us! Enter Crumpler’s first ever handmade messenger bag, crafted from durable materials, and designed with structural integrity; a total game changer. Some 20 years later, Crumpler’s range has expanded to include luggage, backpacks, laptop messenger bags, shoulder bags and a whole lot more.

Crumpler backpacks are a crowd favourite, favoured by uni students, avid travellers and everyone in between. Crumpler luggage has become synonymous with innovative design, and each and every Crumpler Australia bag is a true testament to functionality and aspirational style.

All Crumpler luggage and accessories are made to stand the test of time. To this day, the brand’s design mantra remains, ‘simple to make, made to last’. Every Crumpler bag is handmade in a Melbourne design studio, and put through a series of intense quality control tests before hitting the shelves. We are proud to stock a whole range of Crumpler bags, right here at Catch. From Crumpler suitcases to backpacks, camera bags, laptop bags and messenger bags, there really is something for everyone.

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