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Dell is the world’s leading provider and manufacturer of technology solutions. From powerful ultrabooks, laptops and computers for students and professionals to ultra sharp monitors for graphic designers and offices, Dell is at the forefront of computing technology. Squaring up against global competitors in developing high-quality consumer electronics, Dell’s laptops have been featured in rated the best in reviews from PCMag, TechRadar and CNET among many more. Become a part of Dell’s family, backed by over 35 years of computing experience and expertise.

Dell has the best laptops for school - buy with Catch

Catch has a huge range of Australia’s best Dell laptops on sale at great prices. Check out our Dell store today to find the right laptop for all your computing needs. For students in today’s learning environment, laptops are a necessity and essential to their growth and development in the classroom. To run all their educational software for art, editing, word processing and even coding there has been greater demand for better hardware and better software to ensure a safe, reliable and long-lasting experience for student laptops.

Dell’s Latitude Notebooks are the perfect solution and highly recommended as an ideal student laptop. Powered by 8th generation Intel CPUs, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, USB-C ports and High Speed SSD Storage, our range of Dell Latitude Notebook laptops are guaranteed to be future-proof and last well into the students’ academic lifetime. Dell is the best laptops for student needs, guaranteed to run all classroom programs and enhance their learning experience.

Get the best laptops for business from Dell with Catch

For Australian professionals looking for more versatility and power with their laptops, Catch has the Dell Latitude ultrabook range to take care of all of your office and business needs in a versatile, compact laptop. Equipped with Windows 10, 8th Gen Intel Processors and a 256GB SSD, the Dell Latitude range has seamless bootup times, high-speed data transfer speeds and an extended battery life of up to 32 hours for those long workdays. Built from premium materials like recycled carbon fiber, you can be confident in the Dell Latitude ultrabooks being one of the lightest and toughest laptops on the planet along with built-in brilliant displays and thin bezels for an immersive, comfortable viewing experience.

With a commitment to sustainability, Dell has accumulated over a decade’s worth of experience working with sustainable materials to limit environmental waste in product and packaging. There is no price you can put on better security in this age of everything being connected on the internet; which is why Dell’s Latitude ultrabooks are the most secure laptops in the world. Installed with biometric readers and encrypted hard drives, including Dell’s Controlvault suite, Dell has combined its decades of computing expertise and innovation into creating one of the best laptops to buy in 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dell:

What is the best Dell laptop?

Dell has a diverse range of business and personal laptops perfect for day-to-day tasks. The most popular models are the Dell XPS 13, Dell Latitude 7490 and Dell Precision 5530.

Is Dell a good laptop?

Dell laptops are an excellent laptop brand as they are built with environmentally sustainable materials and include top of the line components for long-lasting performance and durability. 

What Dell laptop should I buy in 2019?

Dell’s latest laptop products in 2019 include the XPS 13 and Dell Precision 5530. They feature next-generation parts including 8th gen Intel Core i7 processors.

Is Alienware really good?

Alienware is one of the longest-running gaming brands in the industry. They produce some of the best gaming laptops and peripherals, engineered for performance and ergonomics no matter the game.

Who owns Alienware?

As of 2006, Alienware has been acquired by Dell. However, it operates separately and independently from Dell’s operations and products.