Nude by Nature

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The prices we have on offer at the Nude by Nature sale are mind-blowing. Trust us, we’re not making this up (no pun intended). Nowadays, many of us are super health conscious. We try to be active and eat right as much as we can. But if we care about what we put in our bodies, then shouldn’t we also care about what we put on our bodies? Your body is your temple, so it’s only right you treat it well. We don’t want to get too 'sciencey' here, but our skin, the biggest organ in our body, has a very high absorption rate.

This means, anything we put on our skin, including makeup, our skin absorbs. So daily application of makeup that contains synthetic chemicals, may be harmful to our health! Nude by Nature really care about this, and has built its foundation on this principle (pun intended). That’s why Nude by Nature has formulated makeup products with only 100% natural ingredients. So not only will you be able to look your best, but you’ll also feel your best knowing that you’re doing good for your body and health!

With a dedicated range spanning makeup, skincare, brushes, tools and sets, Nude by Nature is real beauty that’s good for you. Filled with powerful native botanicals, while omitting nasty synthetics and preservatives, it’s no wonder Nude by Nature is Australia’s number one mineral makeup brand! Shop a great range of affordable Nude by Nature mineral foundation, concealer, mascara and more online with Catch today, for natural, visible results you’ll love!

Founded in 2008 in Sydney, Nude by Nature was born from growing demand for cruelty-free, 100% naturally-derived beauty products that offer impressive benefits. Inspired by native Australian ingredients, from quandong to macadamia nut oil, Nude by Nature utilises the most powerful natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils available to give you the healthy, glowing complexion you deserve.

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