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Looking for some awesome gag gifts for your mates this christmas? Thumbs Up have got you covered for the best little nick nack gift ideas that you’d never ever think of! The Thumbs Up Retro Pocket Game is perfect for that mate who loves their video games. Including an LCD screen and packed full of retro games, you can’t go wrong for when you’re on the go. With over 100 8-bit games that include, Shoot, Shrew Mouse, Snowball, Twin Fish + loads more. It’s even got a keyring addition so you can use it on the go and carry it with you everywhere. Shop & save every single day with the #1 Oz superstore -!

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Thumbs Up have such a great range of awesome little gift ideas, got a Kris Kringle coming up at work? Well you’ve come to the right place for a good safe spend on some awesome gifts! Imagine you’re sitting at your desk at work, sitting beside one of your good work pals, he pulls out a Thumb Up Desktop Table Tennis game! Hours upon hours of fun can be spent! Just don’t play during company time - don’t worry we won’t tell. This awesome game comes with 2 mini paddles, 3 ping pong balls, 2 sweat bands (you’re going to need these) 1 net and 2 suction cups! Easily fits in your desk draw for a play any time of the day. Shop and save now - Catch!