A price you won’t mind Lugging around!

The word Luggage is derived from the singular verb ‘lug’ which means “really heavy, inconvenient and wildly expensive for some reason”. That’s where Wembley Luggage comes in. Not only do Wembley make lightweight, stylish and sturdy bags, they’re one of the very few high quality brands offering a full 5-piece luggage set for less than $100! Yes you read that right, rejoice as your bank account doesn’t have to cop yet another beating from your latest Holiday plans. You might be thinking that a baggage set in this price range is surely going to rip to shreds before you even jet off, this is one of the few examples where you don’t just get what you pay for, you get more! Wembley travel bags are seriously lightweight and offer exceptional space economy yet they’re sturdy and protective. At the same time your inner OCD organisation monster will be at ease as each case in this set nestles snugly inside the other for neat storage between destinations. Are you a Club Catch member? If not, you’ll want to be! Score a 3-piece Luggage/Suitcase set for only $62 when you sign up for Club Catch! All Wembley bags are backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty so you can have peace of mind even if they suffer the wrath of the baggage handler..

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