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Measuring cups are essential in your kitchen, especially if you do a lot of baking. When it comes to baking, we all know it all boils down to science. Measurements have to be accurate or your creations won’t turn out as desired. So if you’re looking for measuring cups, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Catch, we offer measuring cups and spoons from a variety of popular brands! We’ve got Avanti, Soffritto and more at prices you won’t believe! Check out our range of measuring cups online today!

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Our measuring cups and spoons come in a bunch of designs and colours. If you love colour, we’ve got a pack of multicoloured measuring cups and spoons for an unbeatable price. Love fun and cute designs? Catch offers animal-shaped measuring cups! Perhaps you love simple, more understated designs. We offer heaps of stainless steel measuring cups and spoons too! We weren’t kidding when we said we have it all. It’s no wonder why we’re known as Australia’s #1 superstore!