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Credit Card Power Bank

Charge All of Your Devices on the Go with this Credit Card Power Bank! This Ultra-Slim and Ultra-Portable 2500 mAh Power Bank Easily Fits In Your Wallet or Purse Just Like a Credit Card! Only $12 (Valued at $49)

Why carrying around a bulky power bank when you can charge all of your devices easily with this credit card power bank

This ultra-slim, ultra-portable power bank can easily fit in your wallet pocket or purse and features built in charging cables and 2500 mAh of juice (equivalent to 1.5 full smartphone charges)

This handy device features a built-in micro USB charging cable and a bonus lightning adaptor for great convenience, as well as 4 LED indicator lights to indicate the level of charge

Plus, this power bank has anti-overcharge protection so your devices will be charged safely

Compatible with all major smart phone and tablet models, this credit card power bank has a fashionable design with an ABS material case

Choose between two colours- black with a white cord or white with a black cord

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