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Bedding Co.

Spine Care Latex Mattresses & Bases + Memory Foam Toppers & Pillows

From Bedding Co., the manufacturer of five-star quality manchester, come these natural latex spine care mattresses and visco memory foam mattress toppers, quality New Zealand pine ensemble bases and a range of chiropractor-recommended pillows, including a cool gel memory foam and an eco-friendly bamboo charcoal foam pillow.

Utilising latest technology, natural latex, eco-friendly materials and quality construction, these bedding essentials ensure correct spinal alignment, provide incomparable relief from pressure points, aches and pains, and conform to the curves of your spine and body to deliver your best sleep yet. While the soft and luxurious fabrics - pure cotton, bamboo and quilted fabrics - ensure your bedding completes and creates a stylish haven in your home.

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