2 x 16pk U by Kotex Regular Slim Tampons

Unlike skinny jeans, skinny tampons are actually your best bet for comfort. With a tapered tip and super slim design, these clever tampons insert without discomfort. Perfect for medium flow gals, they offer all the protection you need in a slimmer package. Thanks to U by Kotex's "last line of defence" leakage resistance, you can wear your favourite undies without fear. 


  • 16-Pack U by Kotex Regular Slim Tampons
  • Pack contents: 2 x 16-pack = 32 tampons 
  • Absorbency level: Medium flow (11g)
  • Slim design for comfortable wear
  • Slender tip inserts without discomfort 
  • Heaps of protection without the uncomfortable width 
  • Leakage protection with the last line of defence
  • Individually packaged in fun coloured twist-open wrappers
  • Country of origin: N/A