3 x Grinders Fix Coffee Beans 1kg

Grinders Coffee’s secret to the perfect coffee is that every hand that touches the beans from farmer to roaster, respects and cares for them, to bring you the perfect cup every time - and Fix is no exception. This four origin blend offers a beautiful caramel taste, with light and floral notes and a nutty almond character with excellent body and smooth textures. 


  • Grinders Fix Coffee Beans
  • Pack contents: 3 x 1kg
  • Four origin blend
  • Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans
  • Varietal: 
    • Mondo novo cherry arabica
    • Catuai cheery arabica
    • Catura arabica
    • Arusha arabica
  • Taste: 
    • Nutty almond character
    • Light & floral notes
    • Caramel
  • Best Before: 31/12/2020