Boomtrix Multiball Marble Run Game Set

Boomtrix Multiball is an awesome game that uses bounce and gravity for fun

Create courses using the included metal marbles and trampolines from the Boomtrix Multiball Set ! It comes with everything your child will need to enjoy some gravity-defying moves with their friends. Let the metal balls bounce on the trampolines and the stunt pads to reach the goal in the coolest way possible!

Kids can build multiple obstacles and jumps, by trial and error for hours of fun.


  • The Boomtrix Multiball Marble Run Game Set includes:
    • 1 Ramp Tower
    • 5 Trampolines
    • 3 Trampoline Curves
    • 1 Stunt Ring
    • 3 Stunt Walls
    • 1 Flapping Goals
    • 8 Metal Balls
  • Arrange the included trampolines and stunt ring then let the metal balls drop from the ramp tower until they reach the flapping goal.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Motivate your child to develop their creativity and analytical skills while having loads of fun with the Boomtrix Multiball.