Clean Cooking Oven Guard

For those of us who don't have the luxury of a self-cleaning oven, this is absolutely the next best thing. This oven guard is a sheet of heat resistant material that you simply lay on the bottom of your oven. As you cook, anything that happens to spill over and splatter on the oven floor is caught by the sheet, which you can then remove from the oven, clean it off, and replace. It's that easy - say goodbye to harsh scrubbing and dangerous cleaning chemicals for good!


  • Clean Cooking Oven Guard
  • Oven mat catches all your spills!
  • Heat resistant up to 260 degrees C
  • Non stick coating - easy to clean
  • Tearproof - lasts for years
  • 33 x 45cm - you can cut it to size!


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14 July 2016

I love these. Stick on on the floor of your oven and it catches anything that drops saving you having to spend ages cleaning it. The mat can be washed a few times too before replacing.

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13 April 2019

I've been using this product for years. A simple way to keep my oven clean, especially from drips and overflows. A wash in warm soapy water keeps it like new . I must have had my last one for more than a few years now. Highly recommend.

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03 March 2019

Wonder if someone CAN ring me. Left about 6 messages. Chch. 3431371

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09 July 2019

Keeps my oven really clean!

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17 May 2019

I bought this for my oven and its at the bottom of the oven, to avoid too much mess and easier to clean. I am very happy.

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