The Gro Company Gro Clock

A bedtime routine for everyone

Do you find yourself waking up at 2am, 4am or even midnight from loud noises, incomprehensible singing or loud knocks at your door? If your little one has got a case of the terrible twos or is just starting to grasp the concept of time - the Gro Clock is exactly what they need.

The Gro Clock uses fun, eye-catching imagery of the sun and stars to help little ones understand when it's time to rise and shine and when it's time to hit the hay. Star indices disappear hourly acting as a countdown timer throughout bedtime, until the sun appears with sunray indices doing the same until bedtime.

Grows with your child

The Gro Company Gro Clock is more than just a baby clock. Far from just a one trick pony, this grow clock grows with your child, taking learning to a whole new level. Parents can choose whether or not to display the digital clock during the usual ‘stars to sun' countdown to help older kids learn digital time before pre-school!

And when they're a little bit older they can even set an audible alarm to get into the habit of specific wake up times. Perfect for the first day of school or even Christmas!

A proven success

Utilising the combination of simple glowing images and easy to use functionality, it's no wonder the Gro Clock has become a phenomenal success for hundreds of toddlers worldwide.

The sheer brilliance of the product was recognised by experts when it won Gold for Favourite Baby Sleep Aid at the 2015 My Child Excellent Awards. If you've 'tried everything' to get your little one to sleep in that little bit longer, try the Gro Clock - that little extra rest is closer than you think.


  • Gro Company Gro Clock
  • Displays the sun or stars to show 'sleep' and 'wake up' time
  • Can be set to digital clock display
  • Stars slowly disappear to teach bub about the passing of time
  • Can be set to 2 different wake up times 
  • Display brightness can be adjusted
  • Alarm functionality
  • Mains powered
  • Includes illustrated bedtime book
  • Suitable for ages 2 years+
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26 August 2016

I've found this product really great, my 2.5yr old daughter loves it. I almost didn't buy it because of all the negative reviews that talked about how complicated the clock was to set and how bright the display is (even on the dimmest setting). The displa

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31 July 2016

Works extremely well for both our boys. Get in before they turn two for best results.

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11 April 2020

Cool clock but I saw it cheaper at Coles

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23 August 2016

My toddler loves her new clock and it is working

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12 August 2016

Soooo cute and actually worked! My 2 year old wants to go to bed and turn on the star and the light!

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