SCHLEICH Farm World Horse Stable Barn Riding Centre with Horses & Rider 42195

Its a wonderful day at the stables today. The sun is shining and the horses are grazing peacefully on the paddock. The stables are located in an idyllic spot on the edge of the forest, and the flowers are blossoming on the meadows and in the flowerboxes at the stables. Sarah is returning from a ride with Maya, her Mustang mare. She has just tried her new saddle and it fits perfectly. She will now rub down and brush her beloved horse and then give her fresh feed and straw. Then she will have a quick snuggle with the little Mustang foal before heading back home after a long, wonderful day at the stables.
Sckleich horse stable with opening double doors and stable doors, roof windows, removable roof sections and stalls space for four horses. Hay racks and drinking troughs and stickers to customise your stables:

12 x Paddock Fence Sections
2 x Mustang Horses (horse and foal)
1 x Riding Set with Rider, saddle, halter, blanket and bridle (Schleich 42057)
2 x Hay and Straw Bales (1 each)
4 x Feeding Troughs
2 x Green and Red Apples
1 x Bunch of Carrots
2 x Flower boxes
1 x Sticker set

Dimensions when assembled: 56.5cm long x 39cm wide x 26cm high

Requires assembly.

Not for children under 3 yrs.

Schleich Quality and Safety

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