Shake Off

Shake Off is a hilarious new active game for young and old alike! Take the Shake Off challenge and prove who is the best at shaking their butt! Simply clip on your shaker, connect to your opponents and then its ready, set, shake! Try not to be last! The slowest player gets the flick! Fun for the whole family. Expandable: add fun by combining multiple packs! Play a single opponent or play as a 4-player group! Adults vs. kids in a fair Shake Off- set your difficulty level 4 game modes: Choice: set your own difficulty and shake your butt off! Chance: use the spinner to determine your difficulty level! Surprise: get someone else to choose your difficulty! Music: combine the above with music and shake to the beat! Rotate dial to set difficulty level Insert the elastic end into the shaker mouth Using the built in clip, attach the shaker to your waist or your pants! Count down 3, 2, 1 Shake! First person to detach is the Winner 4 shaker 2 Elastic straps Spinner card Instructions Batteries/ assembly not required. For Assorted items, colours and styles may vary from time to time and item will be picked at random