Wild Science Exploding Skull Workshop Kit

Trying to limit your little one's screen time? Give them a fun activity that will stimulate their brains, grow their knowledge, and entertain them for hours! Wild Science gives them a kit chock full of cool info they'll love to show off, along with plenty of craftables. They'll get to mix safe acids and bases and build secret weapons like Booger Bombs! Ideal for a mini scientist who loves a bit of yuck. 


  • Wild Science activity sets
  • Design: Exploding Skull Workshop Kit
  • Hands-on science kit 
  • Great activity for kids 
  • Perfect rainy Sunday task 
  • Teaches them about the world around them 
  • Fun for parents to get involved too! 
  • Mould replicas 
  • Mix safe acids and bases 
  • Make the face gush stuff thanks to sneaky 'nose drops'
  • Heaps of fun
  • Learn about acid base reactions and carbon dioxide 
  • Materials: Organic/plastic 
  • Recommended for ages: 8+
  • Country of origin: N/A